Chincoteague Island Easter Decoy & Art Festival
Decoy Carvers

Meet the 2015
Curtis Merritt Award of Excellence Winner
Michael Veasey

Michael and his wife, Susan, founded Northern Wings in 1996.  Michael began carving professionally in 1980 with his father Bill Veasey. Susan began her career in 1988 after their three children were all in school. Most of their time was spent making decorative carvings but friends started asking them to make cork hunting decoys.  Realizing this need, they developed the Dead Duck Decoy® series. By 1997, nearly 90% of the carvings were cork hunting decoys.

All Folk Art Carvings are made from 100% recycled wood. Untreated dock pilings, power line poles, and old structural support beams are used. Each piece is hand carved and painted. Every piece of wood has its own characteristics giving all the carvings a unique personality with old peg holes and character lines in different places.

To see more of Michael's work, visit or email

Meet the 2015
People's Choice for Best Carver
Zach Jester

Born and raised on Chincoteague Island, Zach Jester, age 25, carved a little when he was young. He became more serious about carving 3 years ago. He wanted to keep the family tradition of carving going, which was set by his
great-great-grandfather, Doug Jester.  Also born and raised on Chincoteague Island, Doug Jester carved gunning decoys for recreational and market hunters.

Zach can be contacted by email at


Decoy carvers from Pennsylvania, North Carolina, New Jersey, Tennessee, Arizona, Maryland, Delaware, and Virginia attend the Easter show. 

From rustic working decoys to finely detailed workmanship--it's all here. 
Come see the carvers at work. 

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